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Passbookr - is the simplest way to find, download & share iphone Passbook coupons, loyalty cards and more. Save time and discover a world of Passbooks from your favourite shops


No more bulging wallets or purses. No more lost reward and store loyalty cards. Passbookr provide a wide range of retail, restaurants, cafe's Passbooks' when your on the go.

Easy To Use

Download Passbookr from your iphone Safari browser - complete your profile or sign in via Facebook.

Find a Passbook e.g.:"Pizza" or search by our Most Recent and Categories. Select the Passbook you want, tap to open and press the "Add" button. you've just completed a booking!

Lighten Your Wallet

Move your plastic loyalty cards, reward cards and membership cards to your phone so you never miss out on a reward, discount, or deal again. While doing your bit for the planet

Import Passbooks In Seconds

Using Passbookr for hundreds of national and regional retailers, cafe's and services. If we don’t have a Passbook, we can create one!.

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Including special offers, sales, daily deals, card-linked offers and much more from your favorite places to shop. Save grocery coupons directly from Passbookr – no clipping required. Get deals when and where you want them.

Check Out In Style!

Scan your iphone at cashier terminals. Note: this feature is designed to work with many models of handheld scanning guns, but not self-checkout stations or belt scanners. In the event that a barcode does not scan, have the cashier can enter your number by hand.

Your Information Is Private And Secure

With your phone's advanced features like passcode lock. You protect your Passbook from loss or unauthorized use.